Sunday, February 25, 2007

ChARMeD Disassembler BETA 0.1 for POCKET PC and Windows Mobile

Charmed for Pocket PC has been totally rewritten
It is now stable, fast and small :)
And has an open dialog ;)
Works on Pocket PC 2003 and up

Doesn't look as pretty as it used to though, but working on that ;)

It is very useful if you want to look at PE/MZ header information, DLL imports, and Sections information,
The disassembler only disassembles the first 29 lines (part of the pretty problem will be fixed soon)

Thank you for your patience

Release Notes

Download BETA 0.2 NOW!

Download PC Version of ChARMeD Pocket PC Disassembler

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Friday, February 16, 2007

People Still Use ChARMeD Disassembler? and OllyDbg 2.0 coming out?

It seems people still use my Pocket PC / ARM Disassembler: ChARMeD...
If you are one of those people please leave a comment or e-mail me and
Let me know what you use ChARMeD for,
If you would like ChARMeD to be developed again...
And what you would like to see in ChARMeD :)

And it looks like OllyDbg 2.0 may come out soon!!!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Problems Internet Connection Sharing using PCLinuxOS and I-Burst

The Windows client machines will have limited connectivity,
i.e. MSN won't work, and some sites will time out (Usually HTTPS sites),
Some machines may even connect perfectly

Download TCP Optimizer from
and set the MTU to that advised by your iburst service provider (I use 1321 or 1392) for every machine

(Alternatively there is a way to recompile the kernel so that this problem doesn't occur, but forgot Embarrassed )

Friday, February 9, 2007

BitTorrent Slow Using PCLinuxOS Internet Connection Sharing

If you are using BitTorrent and your downloads seems slow,
And you are using PCLinuxOS to share your internet connection
edit your /etc/shorewall/rules

and add the following rule...
DNAT net loc:ipaddress_of_machine_running_bittorrent tcp bittorrent_port

DNAT net loc: tcp 51234

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Free PC Stuff For Your XBOX 360 Controller :)

XBOX 360 PC Driver
Version 1.1 Lets you use the X button and checks for Driver Updates

Project64 - Nintendo 64 Emulator
pSX emulator - PlayStation One Emulator

Cavestory - Brilliant PC side-scrolling platformer game
Torus Trooper - Fun 3D "Tunnel" Game

TrackMania Nations - Free Commercial Quality Stunt Racer

Please leave comments for other stuff that works well with the XBOX 360 Controller

XBOX 360 Controller To Mouse

Requirements: Windows 98,Me,2000,XP
Size: 246kb

Turns your XBOX 360 controller into a mouse and keyboard.
This program is in beta I take no responsibility for anything this program does and it comes with no guarantees whatsoever, will probably be updated in future.
It works but far from perfect.

To exit ctrl + alt + del and end xbox360test.exe task :)

Note: You need the XBOX 360 Drivers for PC available from microsoft and an XBOX 360 Controller. Download Driver


· A Button = Click
· X Button = Right Click + Vibrate
· B Button = Enter
· Y Button = MS On-Screen KeyBoard
· Left Thumb Stick = Mouse Move
· Right Thumb Stick = Mouse Scroll
· D-Pad = Keyboard Directional Keys
· Right Shoulder = Tab
· Start = Start Button
· Back = Escape

Leave Comments If there are features you would like, and i will eventually get around to adding them.

Download XBOX 360 Controller to Mouse

Welcome to the sites blog :)

Hi, has a new blog :)

Added XBOX 360 Controller To Mouse Test