Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Launch Manager 1.32 Released!
We have released a new version of Launch Manager with hundreds of improvements.

New XMouse360 Beta!
XMouse360 allows you to control a Windows computer with an Xbox 360 controller.
XMouse360 now has a setup, zoom mode, precision mode and can be set to automatically start with windows. Updated!
The website now has a new navigation menu to make navigating the site easier and a few visual improvements.

take care

Saturday, April 26, 2008

[New Release] SoftKey Manager 1.0b (Free)

A freeware SoftKey Editor for Windows Mobile, allowing you to change the defaults for your Today screen softkeys.


* Free and free to use in Roms!
* Set Today Screen Left and Right SoftKey Names and Shortcuts.
* Easily set a SoftKey to anything in your Start Menu.
* Easily set a SoftKey to any file on your device.
* Easily set a SoftKey to an Internet Explorer Favorite.
* Reset to Defaults.
* Built in Soft Reset.
* Program Size Only 40Kb!