Sunday, November 11, 2007


XMouse360 is a freeware utility that lets you control your Windows Xp/Vista PC using your XBOX360 Controller. It turns your XBOX 360 Controller into a Mouse and Keyboard. 

Someone found a bug in the previous version so I updated it a little:

This is in beta I take no responsibility for anything this program does and it comes with no guarantees whatsoever, it will probably be updated in future. It works but it is far from perfect.

Note: For Windows XP you need the XBOX 360 Drivers for PC available from Microsoft and an XBOX 360 Controller.

For Vista you may need DirectX 9 installed.

· A Button = Click
· X Button = Right Click
· B Button = Enter
· Y Button = MS On-Screen KeyBoard
· Left Thumb Stick = Mouse Move
· Right Thumb Stick = Mouse Scroll
· D-Pad = Keyboard Directional Keys
· Right Shoulder = Tab
· Start = Start Button
· Back = Escape

Version 0.1 (2007/11/10)

-Rewrite from "XBOX 360 Controller To Mouse" program.
-Shrunk size from 400k to 33k.
-Changed Icon.
-Added about box.
-Added exit in pop up menu in system tray.
-Removed vibrating.

Download from: