Saturday, March 24, 2007

ChARMeD Disassembler BETA 0.2 for POCKET PC and Windows Mobile

Charmed for Pocket PC has been totally rewritten
It is now stable, fast and small :)
And has an open dialog ;)
Works on Pocket PC 2003 and up

Fixed some looks related issues from yesterday

It is very useful if you want to look at PE/MZ header information, DLL imports, and Sections information,
The disassembler only disassembles the first 29 lines (part of the pretty problem will be fixed soon)

Thank you for your patience

-Please leave your comments no registration required.
-If you like it please consider donating some money to me, not doing very well financially -thnx
(Please note that the desktop version lets you edit the disassembly and lets you type in replacement assembly instructions, it also has search and upload features)

Release Notes

Download BETA 0.2 NOW!

Rapidshare Mirror

Download PC Version of ChARMeD Pocket PC Disassembler

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007 fix

The script to check the signal strength that comes with standard ibdriver 1.3.2 (iBurst Wireless Internet Modem Driver) sometimes doesn't work. Error about invalid arguments etc.

This is my modified version of
added: level=`echo "scale=0; $level / 1" | bc -l`

============= ===============

dcopref=`kdialog --title "ibApplet" --progressbar "iBurst Signal Strength" 100`
while true ; do
if [ `dcop $dcopref wasCancelled` = "true" ] ; then
curr=`cat /proc/net/wireless`
if [ "$curr" != "$prev" ] ; then
level=`echo "$curr" | awk "/$ifname:/ {print \\$4}"`
level=`echo "scale=0; $level / 1" | bc -l`
dcop $dcopref setProgress $level
sleep 1
dcop $dcopref close

============= end ===============

ChARMeD Disassembler BETA 0.1 for POCKET PC mistake in readme

To disassemble a file dont put the test.exe file in the same directory as charmed
put it in your devices root i.e. \test.exe

Friday, March 2, 2007

News for next betas of ChARMeD

It looks like ChARMeD stirred up some interest :)
So I will be developing it further

along with a few other projects for Windows Mobile! :)

I have a significantly large amount of code to write for charmed to work on more devices, but I have already begun the process, just a bit busy at the moment.

Thank you for your patience and interest :)

Post back soon