Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Launch Manager 1.32 Released!
We have released a new version of Launch Manager with hundreds of improvements.

New XMouse360 Beta!
XMouse360 allows you to control a Windows computer with an Xbox 360 controller.
XMouse360 now has a setup, zoom mode, precision mode and can be set to automatically start with windows. Updated!
The website now has a new navigation menu to make navigating the site easier and a few visual improvements.

take care

Saturday, April 26, 2008

[New Release] SoftKey Manager 1.0b (Free)

A freeware SoftKey Editor for Windows Mobile, allowing you to change the defaults for your Today screen softkeys.


* Free and free to use in Roms!
* Set Today Screen Left and Right SoftKey Names and Shortcuts.
* Easily set a SoftKey to anything in your Start Menu.
* Easily set a SoftKey to any file on your device.
* Easily set a SoftKey to an Internet Explorer Favorite.
* Reset to Defaults.
* Built in Soft Reset.
* Program Size Only 40Kb!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


XMouse360 is a freeware utility that lets you control your Windows Xp/Vista PC using your XBOX360 Controller. It turns your XBOX 360 Controller into a Mouse and Keyboard. 

Someone found a bug in the previous version so I updated it a little:

This is in beta I take no responsibility for anything this program does and it comes with no guarantees whatsoever, it will probably be updated in future. It works but it is far from perfect.

Note: For Windows XP you need the XBOX 360 Drivers for PC available from Microsoft and an XBOX 360 Controller.

For Vista you may need DirectX 9 installed.

· A Button = Click
· X Button = Right Click
· B Button = Enter
· Y Button = MS On-Screen KeyBoard
· Left Thumb Stick = Mouse Move
· Right Thumb Stick = Mouse Scroll
· D-Pad = Keyboard Directional Keys
· Right Shoulder = Tab
· Start = Start Button
· Back = Escape

Version 0.1 (2007/11/10)

-Rewrite from "XBOX 360 Controller To Mouse" program.
-Shrunk size from 400k to 33k.
-Changed Icon.
-Added about box.
-Added exit in pop up menu in system tray.
-Removed vibrating.

Download from:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Introducing and Launch Manager

It has been a while since I have posted, but I have been hard at work.

Check out my new Windows Mobile site

And my new application: Launch Manager!

I will be giving ChARMeD some much needed attention soon...

Thanks for being patient.
Take Care

  • What does launch manager do:

Like speed? Tired of how many taps it takes to launch a program in Windows Mobile?

Launch Manager let's you manage and launch hundreds of applications, contacts and other files, quickly, easily and in style on your Windows Mobile Device!

Those constantly searching for contacts, applications or files, or just want a simpler way to launch what they need, greatly benefit from using Launch Manager.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ChARMeD for Pocket PC Beta 0.30

As the first person to test Charmed beta 3, I am impressed if I do say so myself...

For those who don't know, Charmed is a Pocket PC disassembler that runs on a Pocket PC and regular PC. The Pocket PC version is only 57.5k (unzipped!).

A feature you have all been waiting for is finally available, Charmed finally displays all lines of disassembly, among other things...

Please donate, I would really appreciate any amount for a donation, the reason I wasn't able to release a beta in the last two months is because I am struggling financially.

Anyway hope you enjoy this release,

Release Notes
==> Known Issues Beta 0.30 2007-05-23 ==>
(=>) Direction Keys dont work for main disassembler.
(=>) Same instruction set supported as old ChARMeD.
(=>) Assembler feature disabled for now.
(=>) Search and Goto features disabled for now.
(=>) Export feature disabled for now.
(=>) No About Box! :P
==> Changes ==>
(=>) No more 25 line limitation!
(=>) Looks more like PC Charmed, Changed font back.
(=>) Supports screen rotation on 320x240 devices.
(=>) file size +-3 times smaller, 57.5k!
(=>) Better Performance and Memory Handling.
(=>) Can open a file again.
(=>) Very Stable.

(Please note that the desktop version lets you edit the disassembly and lets you type in replacement assembly instructions, it also has search and upload features)

Download BETA 0.3 NOW!

Rapidshare Mirror

Download PC Version of ChARMeD Pocket PC Disassembler

Friday, April 27, 2007

Charmed News

Due to personal reasons I have not been able to make a new beta release of charmed this month, Check again May 20th.

I try to release charmed around 20th-23rd of the month.

Sorry to those eager for a new version, it's coming soon.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

ChARMeD Disassembler BETA 0.2 for POCKET PC and Windows Mobile

Charmed for Pocket PC has been totally rewritten
It is now stable, fast and small :)
And has an open dialog ;)
Works on Pocket PC 2003 and up

Fixed some looks related issues from yesterday

It is very useful if you want to look at PE/MZ header information, DLL imports, and Sections information,
The disassembler only disassembles the first 29 lines (part of the pretty problem will be fixed soon)

Thank you for your patience

-Please leave your comments no registration required.
-If you like it please consider donating some money to me, not doing very well financially -thnx
(Please note that the desktop version lets you edit the disassembly and lets you type in replacement assembly instructions, it also has search and upload features)

Release Notes

Download BETA 0.2 NOW!

Rapidshare Mirror

Download PC Version of ChARMeD Pocket PC Disassembler

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