Saturday, March 24, 2007

ChARMeD Disassembler BETA 0.2 for POCKET PC and Windows Mobile

Charmed for Pocket PC has been totally rewritten
It is now stable, fast and small :)
And has an open dialog ;)
Works on Pocket PC 2003 and up

Fixed some looks related issues from yesterday

It is very useful if you want to look at PE/MZ header information, DLL imports, and Sections information,
The disassembler only disassembles the first 29 lines (part of the pretty problem will be fixed soon)

Thank you for your patience

-Please leave your comments no registration required.
-If you like it please consider donating some money to me, not doing very well financially -thnx
(Please note that the desktop version lets you edit the disassembly and lets you type in replacement assembly instructions, it also has search and upload features)

Release Notes

Download BETA 0.2 NOW!

Rapidshare Mirror

Download PC Version of ChARMeD Pocket PC Disassembler

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Carolos said...

Please post comments :)

std.denis said...

it's nice to see sucha tool.
but it really lacks of functionality ;)
have you ever tried tools like HIEW or BIEW?
it would be great if you would extend BIEW project with ARM PE support ;)

Carolos said...

The reason I wrote charmed was initially to provide a hiew like program (the desktop version is capable of assembling instruction similarly to how hiew did)

My goal for charmed over the next few months is to provide an ollydbg type of program for pocket pc :)

I am making progress, but I have a few things taking up my time at the moment.

Charmed will be a seriously powerful tool soon.

Post features you would like to see in charmed ;)

Anonymous said...

"My goal for charmed over the next few months is to provide an ollydbg type of program for pocket pc :)"

unfoturnately, never happened