Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ChARMeD for Pocket PC Beta 0.30

As the first person to test Charmed beta 3, I am impressed if I do say so myself...

For those who don't know, Charmed is a Pocket PC disassembler that runs on a Pocket PC and regular PC. The Pocket PC version is only 57.5k (unzipped!).

A feature you have all been waiting for is finally available, Charmed finally displays all lines of disassembly, among other things...

Please donate, I would really appreciate any amount for a donation, the reason I wasn't able to release a beta in the last two months is because I am struggling financially.

Anyway hope you enjoy this release,

Release Notes
==> Known Issues Beta 0.30 2007-05-23 ==>
(=>) Direction Keys dont work for main disassembler.
(=>) Same instruction set supported as old ChARMeD.
(=>) Assembler feature disabled for now.
(=>) Search and Goto features disabled for now.
(=>) Export feature disabled for now.
(=>) No About Box! :P
==> Changes ==>
(=>) No more 25 line limitation!
(=>) Looks more like PC Charmed, Changed font back.
(=>) Supports screen rotation on 320x240 devices.
(=>) file size +-3 times smaller, 57.5k!
(=>) Better Performance and Memory Handling.
(=>) Can open a file again.
(=>) Very Stable.

(Please note that the desktop version lets you edit the disassembly and lets you type in replacement assembly instructions, it also has search and upload features)

Download BETA 0.3 NOW!

Rapidshare Mirror

Download PC Version of ChARMeD Pocket PC Disassembler


Sanjuro said...

Great prog, but I have some error when i try disassembly exe:

Runtime error 216 at $00034A74

And next WM open file is useless :( you can try to combine with gsgetfile.dll (

Carolos said...

Hi sanjuro,

Thank you for sending a bug report,

Can you please provide me with more information:

Which version of charmed are you using?

Which version of Windows Mobile are you using?

How big is the file you are disassembling?

How much free memory do you have before you open the file?

Do you know if the file you tried to disassemble uses the Microsoft .net framework?

You can contact me with more detail on my email address: admin [at]

(please replace " [at ] " with @)

Thank You :)

Anonymous said...

A very good and small tool! Thank you!

Some instructions (eg, ldrne) are not supported (For both PPC & PC version)

PPC version adds editing fuctions in order to revise the code directly on PPC

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff thanx :)